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September 22, 2006


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» Changing world politics with 100 camcorders? from Kempton's blog
Richard Sambrook, Director of BBC Global News, in his personal blog linked us to the news of a launch of a new UK political TV channel on the internet 18 Doughty St TV. And it is refreshing to see a senior news executive, at an established ne... [Read More]


Samuel Coates

Kempton, but as you imply it requires "upstarts" i.e. competition for the BBC to change, so don't knock it too much.



Thanks for linking to the media upstart challenger "18 Doughty St TV". More importantly, your blogging about it actually actually shows that BBC are paying attention. I personally wondered out loud in my blog enry "Changing world politics with 100 camcorders?" that if the senior executives at my beloved CBC are as attune to these new media challengers as you've shown here.

For one thing, I have yet seen a personal blog from any CBC senior executives. May be I am asking for too much.

As a Canadian, many of my favourite shows are strangely from the BBC. So I wish BBC good luck and all the best in facing challenges from the upstarts. Knowing and paying attention to these upstart challengers are the first step to improving BBC.

A big BBC fan from Canada
P.S. My current favourite show "BBC's Dragons' Den" is finally coming to Canada on Oct 4th. Here is something even the BBC is not doing in UK, an info/promo/cool blog of the show before it gets shown,


This is all very funny. It proves once and for all the the so-called blog experts have no more idea than MSM of what the public want. If this is a success I'll eat my hat, and the hats of the entire UK blogosphere.

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