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January 24, 2007


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Alan Dean

To say that journalists report and move on and don't always follow up, while bloggers are obsessive, getting hold of an issue and not letting go is too simplistic. A good journalist will always follow up, while a bad blogger never knows when to let go.

A good journalist will check the facts, a bad blogger will invent them: by the same token, a bad journalist will fudge the facts, leaving it to a good blogger to tear the story apart -- or a bad blogger to pass the fudge on to others.

Blogging is here to stay, and in time (excuse the cliche) the wheat will be sorted from the chaff. In the meantime, we will continue to be fed blogs that would cause even the National Enquirer to raise an eyebrow: it's a gullible world out there.

The most pithy comment to come out of the Davos media meeting was the suicide warning from Mathias Dopfner of Axel Springer, and it is to be hoped that as far as the media world is concerned, 2007 does not turn out to be The Year of the Lemmings.

The concern about how media companies can make internet services pay when the public expect them for free is a major hurdle, and one that needs to be addressed more urgently. In that respect, it is not a case of committing suicide, but rather one of being assassinated by successful and trusted bloggers who often publish to feed an ego rather than turn an honest buck.

To quote a phrase that Robert F Kennedy once attributed to the Chinese (and he did not check his facts on this one)-- 'we live in interesting times',

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