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February 20, 2007


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I think, first, becuase of the size of the audience. More people watch TV news, TV was the primary source of information for 65% of the public during the last general election according to Ofcom, so it has more power.

Second, and a reason for the first is, becuase you can convey far richer information through video, in far less time, than you can in print.

Whether Doughty St would be of use to anyone in video or print is a moot point.

Richard S

I'm less interested in what the content is or is not - more in the cost of production and distribution, and the ease of it. Video may be complementary now, but will it always be that way?
Why is TV a more powerful communication medium than print?


turn around and look the other way richard. they have no audience, and they never will. if they have interesting ideas, they are squandered in video. online, video is a complementary medium. is there any value in watching iain dale's ideas? NO. would they be of more use to everyone in machine-readable, word-searchable text? YES.

Tis nothing more than a vanity project.

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