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March 20, 2007


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I always prefer Google to everything!!!!

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More likely in the past, journalism require skills and knowledge to create a masterpiece but now most people wrote stories regarding them or eve for other people and consider themselves as a journalist. But the truth is they don't really understand what will be the effect and cause of everything they write.

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tom abate

Richard, your posting promted me to write about creating discussion forums around stories. I hope to experiment with this notion in print. See details in this posting from my personal blog:

Richard S

Thanks Fergus - I hadn't seen theyrule.net.....


An example of online investigative reporting which implies a fourth catagory of online journalism is theyrule.net (it's been around for a few years now, and a lot of people have seen it, but oddly enough it's not really been copied).

It's an elegant and usable front end on a database of American Boards of Directors, their members, links and, amongst other things, their donations to political parties.

It does take some imagination to define theyrule.net as journalism; really, it just sets an agenda and gives users a tool to create a story which is relevant to them; but one that uses true data.

The skill set required for building theyrule.net would have included programming and interface design as well as the traditional journalist's skill of story selection.

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