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June 25, 2008


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Richard S

Thanks Bill - and apologies for over interpreting you. The Maryanne Wolfe point is a good one and intuitively seems right. I'll get round to reading the book when I've finished blogging, checked Twitter, updated Facebook and googled a couple of things ;-)

Bill Thompson

Richard, I'm not sure it's just that we are lazy, although I do think that the net encourages quick reads and flitting attention which definitely have an impact on how deeply material is processed and perhaps therefore on the structure of the associative memories that are formed. There is something more happening, and it's worth reading Proust and the Squid (I'm half way through) by Maryanne Wolfe to get a sense of the possible significance.

As she points out (and both Nick Carr and I refer to her work) reading is not innate, we weren't born equipped to read, and so a. learning to read must change the way our brains work and b. changes to reading styles/patterns may therefore change our brains in different ways.. it's what I'd call an interesting (and testable) hypothesis rather than just a grand claim.

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