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September 19, 2009


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Well they DID see economic issues.

There is constant talk about how it will compete with news "papers" and how the guy selling news papers will(not yet) loose his job. And the reporter talks about how they will NOT make money. If that isn't an economic issues, what is?

Shawna Coronado

2 Hours to download AND only 20 cents for the street addition. Wow!


Am I the only one seeing this? The Gutenberg print revolution gave us the Renaissance, then mass democracies. The IT revolution is now offering us desktop democracy. Self government by the people, for the people, is now a practical possibility. There is no longer the need for remote hierarchies of representatives & bureaucracies. The network of PCs that links us to the info can be the decision-making machine. Push a button for what you want, folks. But then, you gotta follow the majority decision. You get the responsibility that comes with devolved, local power. Screw up, you clean up. You can't go to the Big House for help. Bamberpanda

David Astley

I love the caption "Richard Halloran - Owns Home Computer" :)

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