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February 15, 2010


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Andy Tedd

I should just point out that my second comment was more aimed at Richard's role in making the BBC's most senior management think about how technology is changing journalism and the way media companies work - and not about his stewardship of the WS.

Peter will do a great job of the latter.


Hi Richard,

By chance, I saw Edelman CEO Mr. Richard Edelman's interview on CBC aired literally a few minutes ago. Mr. Edelman seemed like an insightful man to me. At one point he was asked about the reputation of Citibank, and if I heard right, he said something along the line: it may take Citibank 4-5 years to regain its reputation and trust.

Looking at the Wal-marting story, some were able to rush to forgive Edelman only hours or days after the official apology. For me it has taken "4-5 years". :)

Well Richard, with you joining Edelman, it is probably a good time for me to change my mind.

P.S. I've now subscribed to Mr. Edelman's blog as I think I can learn a few things from Richard as well.

Milverton Wallace

Nice move, Richard. Edelman's a great company and your time there will make it even better.

Richard S

Thanks Kempton. I guess the Wal Mart experience may be one of the reasons they want someone like me in that kind of role. Although frankly it seems pretty old news now and something from which Edelman quickly and clearly learned. In other words, I don't expect to check my values in at the door...

Andy, you're too kind, but you are welcome to comment here anytime ;)

And those worried about the fate of the World Service - it's in very good hands with Peter Horrocks..


Congrats Richard, I am happy for you in finding a job that meets your list of criteria and a job you feel you can make a positive difference.

I hope you don't mind me saying, your choice of joining a PR company, in particular Edelman, still comes as a surprise. Edelman is a name that registered in my mind and upon further research, I realize I first read of Edelman (in 2006) for its role in the "Wal-Marting Across America" story. (see references at the end) And unfortunately, and may be I am too "old-school", I still remember Edelman in a very negative way.

I truly wish you well working for Edelman. As their Global Vice Chairman and Chief Content Officer, your personal credibility and years of experiences as Director of BBC Global News has now been added to and mixed in with those of Edelman.

Good luck and hope to read more about your adventures from Edelman starting in May.

Wal-Mart's Jim and Laura: The Real Story

Edelman: A Commitment

Andy Tedd

I can only hope that the next person to take on the challenge is as intellectually curious as you are.

Posted by: Mark Kraft | February 16, 2010 at 08:13 AM

Amen to that.

IMO this will have much wider knock-on for the beeb than they realise.

Richard did a LOT of stuff that wasn't in his job spec.


Congratulations, Richard. Good for you and very good for Edelman...

Kim Andrew Elliott

I still don't understand why it misses the point. Nevertheless, seems better to move from news to PR than from PR to news. All the best as you make the transition. ...Kim


Interesting move. I look forward with great interest as to what comes of it.

Oh, and congratulations. :)

Mark Kraft

While this might turn out to be a very astute career move, I have to admit that I'm far less concerned about the future of Edelman and its client's future PR, than I am about the future of the BBC.

I can only hope that the next person to take on the challenge is as intellectually curious as you are.

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